professional DI musical instrument ready to be REAMPED with your guitar rigs ....


Scream with Harmonics

Blend pinch-harmonics into the main tone by using the MOD wheel controller on your keyboard. Select a different harmonic interval to make your scream tone authentic and in-tune.

Neck Play Position

Identical notes are available on multiple different frets on the guitar neck and they all sound different. This is why we added the option to choose the proper neck mapping for your sound preferences.

Guitar Riffs

Designed for riffs, rhythms and solos. Customizable pitch bending, solo/multi polyphony and note-release settings enables you to play both clean and massive dirty solos and riffs.

Palm Muting

Palm muting is a popular technique among guitarists to achieve the cool “Dzj Dzj” sound. You could do it by holding the sustain pedal. The “punch mute” option simulates the initial string punching sound.

Why is OUR SOUND SO AMAZING compared to other synths?

We realized that sampled  sounds  would  never  sound  like the real guitar instrument because harmonic resonances are different  for each combination of notes. This is why we built a proprietary “Synthetic Force Engine” which combines studio  pre-sampled waveforms with real-time synthesized sounds.


Studio Sampled Waveforms

96 KHz, 24bit, Uncompressed


In our studios we sampled the world’s most iconic custom made guitars (the exact customizations are our trade secret)  with  the  best  possible (to date) sound equipment. It took us an insane amount of crafting to do it right!


Real-Time Synthesized Sounds

Internal 64bit double precision


We simulate the string resonance in real-time to synthesize the right harmonics and blend them into the main studio sampled tone while preserving the authentic sampled waveform timbre!

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