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General Questions

Can I sell commercially songs played with WEDGE FORCE instruments?

Absolutely, our instruments are designed for professional musicians like you!

How do I create a new user account?

Your user account will be created automatically during the checkout process of your first purchase from our website. Further purchases can be added to your account.

Alternatively, you can create a user account from here. Please, use this option if you have already purchased one of our products from a reseller.

It installed successfully but I can't find the application icon?

Our standalone application can be played LIVE. For advanced sequencer features you need to insert our plugins inside a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) host application. You’ll need a DAW/Sequencer/Host (Cubase, Pro Tools, Garage Band, etc.) to record and play the WEDGE FORCE instruments.

What is a DAW/Sequencer/Host application?

A DAW is a Digital Audio Workstation, also referred to as a Sequencer or Host application.

We support the following plugin formats: VST2, VST3, AAX and AU.

We support the following DAW applications: Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Sonar, Garage Band and others compatible with the above plugin formats.

Is the output mono or stereo?

You can insert the WEDGE FORCE instruments on both mono or stereo tracks. On stereo tracks the L and R channels will be different when using effects. Stereo tracks might be required by some software effects like flanger and delay.

Can I play only with DI sound?

DI sound is dull so you’re going to need lots of effects. The best way for a guitar synth to sound right is to use the exact same effects used by guitarists and to replace only the physical guitar with a software guitar.

To make this possible our “Synthetic Force Engine“:

  • outputs an accurate clean DI sound, just like a physical guitar, as expected by the guitar rigs.
  • outputs the full frequency range, just as it comes from the guitar pickups.
  • outputs without any effects nor modifications on the signal.
  • ready to be plugged into any software or hardware guitar effects equipment.

The clean DI sound is not intended for listening. To achieve the sound from the demo songs you can use the built in effects. If you need more effects you can add additional third party guitar effect plugins (not included) like Guitar Rig Pro or TH3.

For professional sounds we recommend Kemper or AXE FX hardware boxes.

I have a DAW/Sequencer/Host. How do I open my WEDGE FORCE Instrument?

Each DAW container has a slightly different way to do this and your DAW should provide step by step instructions of how to use software instruments.

In most cases you need to add a new instrument track and assign a digital instrument to it. After that, you need to assign the guitar effects plugin to that track as well.

There is a delay (latency) when I play live. What can I do?

“Latency” is the time from pressing the key on the MIDI keyboard until you hear the sound from the speakers. For live performances you should aim for the lowest possible latency. The latency of our instruments is close to zero (less than 1 millisecond). To keep it this way you need to use a high-quality sound interface. We prefer the sound interfaces by RME.

You can try lowering the IO buffers for better latency from the ASIO settings of your sound interface.

Is there a localized version?

No, the user interface and the documentation of our instruments are English only.

Technical Support

What platforms and OS are supported?

On PC we support WINDOWS OS versions which are officially supported by Microsoft.

On Mac we support OSX versions which are supported by Apple.

Unless you have a good reason to use the latest OS version, we recommend you to use the latest version minus one (N-1), on both PC or MAC, to avoid issues with suppliers lagging to support the latest OS drivers and APIs.

What plugin formats do we support?

We support: VST2, VST3, AAX and AU plugin formats.

We support only 64 bit DAW containers.

What are the hardware requirements for playing WEDGE FORCE instruments?

Check the hardware requirements of your DAW application.

You could consider upgrades in the following order of importance:

  • Higher quality sound Interface (for example PCIE board from RME, etc.)
  • 16+ GB of RAM
  • 64bit OS and DAW
  • Higher CPU clock speed should be preferred over higher number of cores
  • SSD Drive for faster loading

I use Receptor and I need tech support for one of your instruments.

All technical issues with regards to our instruments and Receptor are handled directly by Muse.

Download and Install

Where can I download my product?

When you login to our web site you can go to “My Downloads” page where you’ll find links to download the products you purchased.

Where can I download product updates?

Upon plugin startup you may be notified that there is a new version of the plugin with a link to download it.

Alternatively you can find the updates on our web site downloads section.

We don’t have separate downloads for clean installs and upgrades. The same install workflow works in both cases.

Is there a DEMO, TRIAL or EVALUATION download?

The standalone version works without a license – this is our demo version.

There is no evaluation version for our DAW container plugins.

Do we ship DVDs?

No. WEDGE FORCE instruments are available only as a digital downloads.

I get an error during the installation of WEDGE FORCE instruments. What can I do?

There are several options which may solve this problem:

  • Try downloading the product binaries again from our web site.
  • Try to un-zip the product again with a different archiver application.
  • Try running the installer as an administrator.

Licensing and Activation

How do I activate my product key?

You need to activate your product copy after the installation.

On first startup of the plugin you will be prompted to enter:

  • the email you used to purchase the product
  • the CD-KEY you received by email

You have limited activations so please keep your product key secret to prevent other people from activating it.

I have problems activating my product?

Here are some common problems which you may have during product activation:

  • internet connection is required
  • you need to use the same email you used to purchase the product (where you received the product CD-KEY)
  • if you lost your CD-KEY you can request it from here
  • try restarting your DAW application as administrator user
  • check for typos in both the email and the CE-KEY fields
  • moving the plugin from one computer to another requires product reactivation
  • upgrading your hardware may require product reactivation

Do I need internet connection to activate the product?

Yes you need to have internet connection during the activation process when you start the plugin for the first time. You’ll be able to play on the instrument only after you successfully activate it.

You have a limited number of activations so we recommend that you activate the plugin on the machine where you’re going to use it and where your DAW application is installed.

Where can I find my product key(s)?

Your product key is emailed to you after a successful purchase.

If you loose your key you can request it again from this page.

Can I use my WEDGE FORCE license in my studio where other musicians will play on it?

Yes, but in this case you must use it on a single computer.

Can I install and activate my WEDGE FORCE instrument on another computer?

For personal use (not in a studio or in a shared computer) you can install the plugin on multiple computers. You have a total of 5 activations.

If you need more activations please contact us with your reason.

Are there discount prices for educational licenses?

We’re donating licenses to music schools around the world but we don’t have pricing discounts.

Can I change my product Key?

Yes, by following these steps:

  1. Uninstall the product
  2. Manually delete any leftover files in the product directory
  3. Reinstall the product
  4. Activate it again with the new product key

Can I deactivate my product instance?

No. We don’t support product deactivation for security reasons. You have a limited number of activations and after that your product key will become inactive.

We’re ensuring that you have enough activations for the product lifetime but if you accidentally used all of your activations please contact us with a description of your case and we’ll be happy to assist you at support@wedgeforce.com

Can I transfer my license key?

A WEDGE FORCE software instrument license allows you to use the instrument for your own music projects.

A software Instrument license can be transferred only once by the owner of the license provided the following conditions are met:

  1. You own a purchased, software license of the product in question.
  2. The person to whom the license is to be transferred is made fully aware by yourself that the plug-in license will become an NFR (Not For Resale) or for transfer any further.

A WEDGE FORCE software Instrument license can not be transferred in the following circumstances:

  1. You had the license transferred to yourself from a previous owner.
  2. You may not purchase a product, transfer it to another user, then repurchase the same product and transfer it again.
  3. You may not transfer any past or legacy versions of software after purchasing an upgrade, while still retaining the latest version.

Can I change my account details including my password?

Yes, you can do this from here.

I have created an account but haven't received my product key yet?

Here are some reasons of why can this happen:

  • After creating an account you need to purchase a product in order to receive the product key
  • You might have a junk/spam filter of your email which blocked the email from us. Please check your junk folder.
  • If you still have issues please contact us at orders@wedgeforce.com

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