Hydro Synth DOWNLOAD

Two Step Process


Download the archived files from this page.
Be careful to download the correct files for your platform MAC or PC.


Follow the wizard to complete the installation on your MAC or PC computer.

Hydro Synth  (version 1.0.4 recommended)

What's New? (click here to expand)

(v.1.0.4 recommended update)

  • (new) Dynamic Data Loading. The new Memory Usage setting enables musicians to configure the sound engine to use less RAM (from 2GB to 6GB) and to dynamically read the sample data from disk while playing (requires a fast disk). On slow disks we recommend leaving it to use the maximum RAM and no disk (6GB).


  • Multiple improvements in the sound engine as well as the UI on both MAC and Windows. Highly recommended update.


  • Improved data file downloads inside Logic Pro X.


  • Fixed plugin automation.


  • Initial release.

DOWNLOAD Full Version

Hydro Synth – MAC OSX FULL Installer


This is a multi-volume download. Please download all volumes separately and place them in the same directory.

Hydro Synth – FULL Windows PC Installer (Volume 1 of 4)


Hydro Synth – FULL Windows PC Installer (Volume 2 of 4)


Hydro Synth – FULL Windows PC Installer (Volume 3 of 4)


Hydro Synth – FULL Windows PC Installer (Volume 4 of 4)



After a successful download you should have an installation EXE file on Windows or a  PKG file on MAC OSX.

  • (HINT 1)  The update package contains all installation files and works for both clean and upgrade installs.
  • (HINT 2)  We recommend that you keep the default installation directories for all DAW plugins to work correctly.
  • (HINT 3)  A copy of all plugins (AAX, VST, AU, etc.) is available in your installation directory.
  • (HINT 4)  All different plugin formats shares the same DATA samples directory.

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