Matcha Synth DOWNLOAD

Three Step Process


Download the archived files from this page.
Be careful to download the correct files for your platform MAC or PC.


Extract the installation file from the multi-volume archived ZIP files. Below you can find instructions on how to do that.


Follow the wizard to complete the installation on your MAC or PC computer.

Matcha Synth  (version 1.3.5 Recommended)

What's New? (click here to expand)

(v.1.3.5 recommended update)

(v.1.2.4 recommended update)

  • Fixed audio dropouts in AU format.
  • Improved VST3 presets integration in Cubase.
  • Improved UI textures.


  • Ableton VST3 bug fixed.
  • UI Enhancements.


  • Performance Optimizations
  • Moved to a newer technology stack on both OSX and Windows
  • (new) Option to disable the UI animations for an extra performance
  • Higher resolution UI textures
  • Improved license key activation workflow
  • Bug fixing


  • (new) Alternate Picking  /free update to existing Matcha customers/
    Five different picking behaviours including our cool ‘Auto AI’ picking algorithm which automatically chooses up or down picking based on your playing style and your neck mappings.
  • (new) Output volume level is decreased to allow for better usage of ‘volume’ and ‘gain’ control settings. Now you have eight times more room to adjust your guitar volume control.
    NOTE: all presets are updated with the new volume levels but you have to manually increase the volume and gain settings in your existing sessions (increase them both 3x) to have the same output level as before. Apologies for that inconvenience.
  • (new) Demo Song 03.
  • (bugfix) The MIDI_CC settings were fixed to always show correct values in Pro Tools.


  • Support for subscription licensing.
  • Bug fixing.


  • Fixed the default settings of AU plugin.


  • 15 Days Trial is now available for all plugin formats (AAX, AU, VST2, VST3) and the standalone application as well.


  • Everything is new! There was nothing before.

DOWNLOAD Plugin Alliance Version

Matcha Plugin Alliance Download

Please download the latest Matcha version from Plugin Alliance.


WINDOWS PC Downloads

This is a multi-volume download. Please download all volumes separately and place them in the same directory.

MATCHA Synth – Windows PC Installer (volume 1 of 2)


MATCHA Synth – Windows PC Installer (volume 2 of 2)


MAC OSX Downloads

This is a multi-volume download. Please download all volumes separately and place them in the same directory.

MATCHA Synth – MAC OSX Installer (volume 1 of 2)


MATCHA Synth – MAC OSX Installer (volume 2 of 2)



To extract the installation file from the multi-volume ZIP archive you need to use an archiver program. Below are some links for third-party tools which could be used.

7 ZIP for Windows PC

This is a free tool which works great for extracting different archive types.


RAR Extractor Free for MAC OSX

This free tool works great for extraction of multi-volume archives.



Installation hints for both PC and MAC installers.

After a successful extraction you should have a single installation EXE file on Windows or a single PKG file on MAC OSX.

  • (HINT 1)  The update package contains all installation files and works for both clean and upgrade installs.
  • (HINT 2)  We recommend that you keep the default installation directories for all DAW plugins to work correctly.
  • (HINT 3)  A copy of all plugins (AAX, VST, AU, etc.) is available in your installation directory.
  • (HINT 4)  All different plugin formats shares the same DATA samples directory.

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